What Makes Affextionate Cuizine Stand Out

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About Affextionate Cuizine

We are an independently owned hospitality and food service company with over fifteen years of experience in the culinary arts and hospitality industry. We are a small but powerful force in the hospitality industry and are looking to grow bigger in the years to come.

We pride ourselves in not only preparing great food and beverages with exceptional tastes and flavors, but also excellence in professionalism and customer service. We are diverse in international fusion cuisine and specialize in halal and wholesome foods. All of our ingredients are locally sourced to deliver fresh and nutritious meals at your special events. 

Our kitchen is located at 777 Oak St Sw Atlanta, Ga, 30310, and we are happy to have you over to discuss your catering needs. We even offer online food services, if you don’t have the time to meet with us personally. Based on your requirements, we’ll prepare your food and deliver it right to you. Besides this, if you prefer an in-home personal chef. We can also arrange this at the time and location of your choice. Our hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 2:00 am, seven days a week!

We serve clients across Metro Atlanta and all the surrounding areas as far as we can reach to bring our home to yours! All you need to do is reach out to us, and we’ll do everything we can to help you out. We are here every season of the year to support your catering needs. We enjoy the changes that every season brings and are happy to cook with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Moreover, spending time with the people we love to serve is exciting work, and another reason why we’re always available.

The Affextionate Cuizine Difference

While we have been in business since July 7, 2017, we have several years of experience and polished skills to back our service quality. We have worked with many great talents and businesses in our field, and consider ourselves to be excellent, innovative, and adaptively trending on account of our experiences.

We are flexible, especially when it comes to handling setups or cooking in different settings. Given the current challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we make sure to stay on top of all the latest safety and hygiene practices recommended by the health authorities. When we meet with you in person or are at your venue, we make sure to wear our masks, shields, and gloves. While cooking, we take the same precautions and strictly observe all the hygiene practices put forward by the health department. We also ensure to serve your guests from afar so that they can enjoy our services while staying protected.

When it comes to our service quality, we are proudest of our ability to aid in the creation of everlasting memories at events. We understand that food is an essential element of any occasion, so our goal is to have you and your guests thinking about our delicious delicacies long after your celebration is over. At the same time, we focus on keeping everyone safe and happy with fresh and clean food and exceptional services.

To deliver exactly what you require of us, we take the time to understand your and concerns before we create a menu and delivery plan. Without your inputs, it’s difficult to gauge what you desire or your guests would want. For this reason, we make it a point to involve you in every step of our process.

As we mentioned earlier, we have learned a lot through our past experiences. Our journey thus far has made us appreciate our business and value the people we work with. We have also been able to set new goals on account of our experience and accomplish them through consistent efforts.

Over the years, several clients have complimented us and have recognized our services as consistent, professional, and trustworthy. These positive reviews make us very happy and encourage us to grow even more.

In the coming years, we plan to increase the scope of our services, and offer an even better workplace for our employees and allow for them to grow expeditiously through hard work and dedication. We want to expand our service through restaurant and hospitality services, and to do this, we depend on our all-round team of chefs, cooks, designers, customer relations experts, salespersons, and hospitality service workers.

To keep up our standards high across our different departments, every month, we recognize those employees who have displayed exceptional customer service and teamwork. Similarly, we offer them 401k and employee appreciation days with rewards. Employee parties, picnics, and paid field trips are our other means of showing our staff that we care about them and their wellbeing.

Apart from our concern for our clients and staff, we also care about the health of our environment and community. For the benefit of the environment, we offer all our clients paperless contracts, menus, and also recycle all of our paper and plastic. We even compost our food waste, if any. In addition to this, we are currently working on a feed the hungry program. Through it, we will offer summer meals for kids and frontline essential workers.

To learn more about all that we do at Affextionate Cuizineplease click here. If you have any questions about how we can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here