Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Foodservice and Catering Company

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Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Foodservice and Catering Company

Food is one of the most critical aspects of any event, be it a wedding, birthday, or even a corporate meeting. It really ruins the atmosphere if either the food is below par or the service isn’t satisfactory. Thus, choosing a catering company for your event is not to be taken lightly. Do not compromise on quality to save cost as your guests’ preferences are obviously a deciding factor on which caterer you should choose. You need a catering company with staff that is trained so that nothing can go wrong at your event. 

To help you host the best possible event, it’s essential to avoid certain mistakes and to help you successfully do so, Affextionate Cuizine has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a foodservice and catering company and how to avoid them.

1. Not getting to know the chef and culinary team
We love getting to know our customers and clients so that we can fulfill their needs, and we would like our customers to also get to know their chefs, culinary team, and servers as well. By getting to know us, you will be able to ensure that you and your guests will all have a pleasant time at your event. After all, we are all looking to accomplish the same goals, and that is to wow the guests!!!!

2. Forgetting to inform them about any allergies or dietary restrictions
Reaching out to your culinary team to ensure all allergies and dietary restrictions are met is important. We want our customers to have a safe and quality experience when dining or eating our delicious food, so it’s always good to inform us about any guest who may need special care. We have various ways to accommodate our guests, so letting us know ahead can ensure every guest is served with the best attention to details when it comes to allergies and dietary restrictions.

3. Not planning ahead
Making sure that you are able to plan ahead for any changes that may need to occur. A lot of time, clients will need to understand all of the services we may offer to ensure excellent service for any events or functions, such as service ware needs, extra staffing, or load in or load out logistics for venues that require special access entering or exiting locations. We ask that our staff do a walk through before event dates and times.

4. Not understanding our payment options
We often ask for deposits and offer an array of payment options for our clients to ensure that we can get everything we need to serve you and your guests. Please be sure to let us know if you need us to make arrangements or if you will need time so we can still provide for your needs even if that means we will have to accommodate you until a later date and time.

5. Giving an inaccurate guest count 
Please plan according to the number of guests you are expecting!!! A lot of times people will over order or under order because of inaccurate guest counts, sometimes things may not happen the way we plan them, and we can always make adjustments last minute, but reaching out to your guest and getting a strong guest count will save you time and money.

6. Not giving accurate feedback
We love to hear feedback from our customers and clients. Some customers and clients are repeat or returning, so we want to know how we can make every experience better than the last, so don’t just accept things you may want to see made or done differently, your feedback is of major importance to ensure the best quality service and hospitality possible.

7. Not providing multiple contact information 
Make sure both parties contact info is accurate so we can keep in touch with you at all times, we live in unpredictable times and we love to stay in constant contact with our clients so if any changes need to be made or updated, please fill free to have multiple contact information set up so we can plan accordingly and work together!!!!

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Affextionate Cuizine

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