Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Catering or Food Services

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Catering for a wedding party or event is sometimes akin to a military operation. Depending on the requirements and expectations of the client, preparations can sometimes be necessary months in advance. A professional caterer is an industry specialist who is trained and experienced in supplying large quantities of food as well as the expertise in food service to meet the culinary demands of a wedding event or other large gatherings.

While everyone’s mother and grandmother are undoubtedly the best chefs in the vicinity, catering an event or cooking massive quantities of food can be an endeavor best left to the professionals. It is wise not to forget that commercial, large scale food production requisites not only equipment you are unlikely to find in your family kitchen but also cooking skills and methods that differ from home cooking.

To help you avoid disappointment and steer clear of basic errors that could prove to be costly, Affextionate Cuizine has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when choosing catering or food services.

1. Unreasonable price expectations
Planning a gathering or an occasion that necessitates the services of a catering company is a big commitment that depending on its scale and grandeur, can work out to be a costly endeavor. While the expenses involved with hosting an event can be intimidating, it is wise not to overlook or have unreasonable price expectations in terms of your budget for food and services involved in catering as these contribute more than other aspects to an overall memorable event.

2. Communication lapses
Coordination and communication, no matter the number of courses or the quantity of food that needs to be prepared and served, are integral to the smooth running of the entire event. A clear channel of communication between the client and caterer right from the planning stage, all the way into the execution and completion of the event is essential and will ensure you as a client are satisfied while keeping your foodservice provider relaxed and enabling them to provide the best quality food and proficient service.

3. Unreasonable constraints and complicated dietary restrictions
Catering for large parties or wedding events is challenging in numerous ways. From deciding upon a set menu to figuring out just how many plates of food need to be prepared, there are factors that always need to be considered carefully. To add complications to the process, dietary restrictions also play an important role in catering and food preparation services. We suggest adding cautionary notes or dietary notices such as kosher or “contains peanuts” on menus and invitations cards as a way to avoid this hassle.

4. Not accounting for gratuity
Think about it, no matter how awesome food at your local restaurant is, if their service was bad and they made you wait without reason while mixing up your order during rush hour, you wouldn’t be a patron of theirs for very long, would you? Well, the same goes for catering. During budgeting for your event, gratuity should be added to the total cost as this goes a long way to compensate for their hours of hard work and motives them to continue to provide excellent service.

5. Beating around the bush
Being honest about your expectations when talking to the caterer and frankly letting them know exactly what your specific requirements for your event are, enables your caterer to efficiently prepare and execute an exemplary food production and service extravaganza. Equally important to the foodservice company is your blunt and to-the-point opinion upon completion of the event along with your feedback as we believe constructive criticism really is a guide to success. 

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