About Affextionate Cuizine

Wedding & Corporate Caterer in Atlanta, GA

Mission Statement

To provide a high quality culinary and dining experience through catered functions and special events, while providing excellent products and services to all clients and customers, while offering employment opportunities for individuals and company growth.

Description Of Business

Affextionate Cuizine is a results driven catering and foodservice company focusing on the complete quality and satisfaction of their customers through 15 years of culinary experience and training expertise, providing high end quality products and services while remaining diverse and diligent with high standards of professionalism, while health conscious and innovative.

Description Of Chef Anwar Molette

Anwar is a very passionate culinary professional with 15 plus years of experience. He comes from an extraordinary family with a long line of culinary experienced and driven individuals and family members. As a young child growing up, his grandparents and parents were also very great cooks and chefs who were also passionate about food, family, and community services. Anwar comes from a very diverse background whereas growing up he was able to experience many different cultures. He attended and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2008, and began his very successful journey as a Professional Certified Chef with many accomplishments as a member of ACF and many other organizations, as well as having the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs companies in the culinary industry.